About me

Thomas Lemarchand

I'm a geek since I'm five. I live in Paris (France).
I worked at Wimi, where I was the IT architect. Since it's a cloud SaaS, I tend to specialize in distributed storage, virtualization, containerization and IT automation. Wimi is entirely powered by Linux, mainly Debian.
I now work at AXA, where I use my startup experience to instill the DevOps and IT Automation culture.

This blog

I'll try to provide useful insights and tips about what I do.
Oh, and by the way, English is not my native language (you already guessed that from my name and my location, right ?), so there maybe will be a french version available, with less mistakes I hope !


  • Soulserv : Really interesting stuff, mainly about NodeJS, Javascript and some comics =)


The cover image is edited from the default wallpaper of Plasma 5. I didn't find who did it, but thanks anyway !
And I like Calvin, you may find some pictures on my blog, so thank you Bill Watterson !