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Thomas Lemarchand

I'm a geek since I'm five. I live in Paris (France).
I currently work at Wimi, where I'm the IT architect. Since it's a cloud SaaS, I tend to specialize in distributed storage, virtualization, containerization and IT automation. Wimi is entirely powered by Linux, mainly Debian.

This blog

I'll try to provide useful insights and tips about what I do.
Oh, and by the way, English is not my native language (you already guessed that from my name and my location, right ?), so there maybe will be a french version available, with less mistakes I hope !


  • Soulserv : Really interesting stuff, mainly about NodeJS, Javascript and some comics =)


The cover image is edited from the default wallpaper of Plasma 5. I didn't find who did it, but thanks anyway !
And I like Calvin, you may find some pictures on my blog, so thank you Bill Watterson !

About me
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